21st Stir Up the Gift Leadership Summit

When the Priest Worship

Eternity is Unveiled




Date/Day/Time              Topic/Session          Speaker                Colors                   Facilitator

9/30/15   Wed.   7:15 pm



10/1/15    Thurs. 7:15pm



10/2/15    Fri.      10am-2:30pm



10/2/15    Fri.      7:15pm



10/3/15    Sat.      10am



10/4/15   Sun.      3:30pm

Pastor Gerald Pace



Apostle Gershon &

Jacqueline  Tirado    


Pastor Ilinda Jackson,

Pastor Michael Johnson &

Marcus Howard       

Apostle Gershon &

Jacqueline Tirado


Picnic in the Park



Pastor Miki King

Priest Enter Into Gates



When Priest Worship      



Priest Panel Discussion 



When Priest Worship



Priest at Play



When Priest Worship

Eternity Unveiled  

Olive Green/Brown 








Red/ Black



Royal Blue t-shirts



Royal Blue/Silver &



Pastor Ryan Sutton



Min. Kacie Starr-Long



Pastor John Dillon



Pastor Zach Strong






Pastor Julius Sims 

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